MTA, formerly known as Pasagi Designworks, is an architectural design studio founded in 2008 in Bandung, Indonesia. MTA seeks to make beautiful constructions that enrich human experience at all levels - urban, landscape, building, interior down to furniture and objects.

CV Muhammad Thamrin Architects
Jalan Anggrek 15 Bandung 40113, Indonesia
+62 22 727 4062


Muhammad Thamrin is an architect with 25 years of experience in design and development in Indonesia and Malaysia, specializing in hospitality design and master planning.

He holds an SKA Madya and IPTB DKI Jakarta Class B. He is a member of IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects), Forum AMI (Arsitek Muda Indonesia) and CNU (Congress for New Urbanism); and holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Institut Teknologi Bandung and an MBA from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He previously worked for Sarawak Public Works Department in Kuching, Malaysia and PT Rekamatra, Bandung; and did his internship at Kenzo Tange Associates and Azuma Architects and Associates in Tokyo.


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De Gayantina (Urban Planner)
Adrie Harsala (Project Manager)
Agung Radityo Adhi (Senior Architect)
Sora Annisa (Interior Designer)
Arif Rachman Hidayat (Architect)
Grace Stephanie Stuka (Architect)
Elly Mariana Dewi (Architect)
Khosyiatillah Hakim (Architect)
Maryono (Senior Draftsman)
Luthfi Muhammad (Concept Artist)